In an effort to ensure social inclusion of students with special needs in Ekiti State, teachers from special schools have been trained on multisensory skills, in addition to the provision of Digital and Skills acquisition equipment to the three special schools.

The training which was facilitated by the Adolescent Girls for Initiative for Learning and Enpowermenr (AGILE) under the ministry of Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Office of the Special Adviser on Special Education and Social Inclusion, is aimed at equiping teachers with the necessary skills to effectively utilize Montessori materials recently procured by AGILE.

During the training session, Special Adviser on Special Education and Social Inclusion, Adetoun Agboola, emphasized the importance of empowering teachers to enhance academic performance thus improving the academic performance and overall recovery of students with special needs.

She also highlighted the role of the State Ministry of Education foreseeing an uplift in academic performance across the three special schools and commended AGILE for the intervention in schools.

Furthermore, State Project Coordinator, Mrs. Yewande Adesua, urged the teachers to effectively absorb the training content and cascade it to their colleagues, encouraging them to leverage capacity building opportunities to enhance their teaching skills.

Mrs. Adesua reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting special schools and commended the teachers for their ambassadorial role in promoting inclusive education.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the teachers, the Principals Special School Ikoro, Ido and Ikere Mrs. Adu O.T, Mr Salami Rasak and Mrs Ade-Okeya Kikelomo thanked the government for the training and pledged to diligently apply the knowledge acquired.

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