Empowering Educational Integrity: AGILE Project Coordinator Advocates Transparency Among Ekiti State Secondary School Principals

The Project Coordinator for the Adolescent Girls’ Initiative for Learning and Empowerment (AGILE), Mrs. Yewande Adesua, has emphasized the paramount importance of transparency and integrity in managing school projects for public secondary school principals in Ekiti State.

Addressing the principals during a meeting held in Ado-Ekiti, Mrs. Adesua highlighted the necessity of transparent spending and meticulous disbursement of funds to avert potential pitfalls. She underscored the repercussions of mismanagement, citing a recent incident where an unnamed principal faced scrutiny for alleged misappropriation of AGILE funds.

Further elaborating on financial incentives for students, the PC cautioned principals against accessing Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) enclosed in student envelopes, emphasizing that these funds are exclusively designated for students’ needs and not for settling supposed “school bills”. She reiterated that the funds aim to support students in meeting their educational requirements and ensuring that they attend schools, aligning with Ekiti State’s commitment to free and compulsory education.

Mrs. Oluwaseun Ajetunmobi, the component lead, shed light on the financial aspects, detailing that junior secondary school students (JSS) receive 10,000 naira while senior secondary school students (SSS) receive 15,000 naira. However, she clarified that deductions by financial service providers for ATM card production may reduce the actual amounts disbursed by 1,075 naira.

Mrs. Ajetunmobi further added that the payment would be made in traches as the first term is 10,000 and 15,000 for junior and senior secondary schools while second and third term is 5,000 making a total of 20,000 for junior secondary schools and 25,000 for senior secondary schools.

On project execution, Mr. David Adako, the lead for component 1.2, admonished against duplicating AGILE projects in schools and stressed the importance of proper documentation and labelling of all AGILE interventions to ensure accountability.

Mr. Adeyemi Bamisile, the Environmental and Social Safeguard Technical Assistant, urged principals to prioritize proper disposal of construction waste to mitigate potential health hazards especially asbestos waste. He also emphasized the mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by contractors during site activities.

Addressing digital infrastructure, Mrs. Margret Olujobi, the lead for component 2.2, advised principals to ensure the proper maintenance and utilization of digital devices provided for schools, including computer labs. She emphasized the need to ensure the safety of the digital devices provided for the schools.

Mr. Olawale Omole, the Monitoring and Evaluation officer, informed the Principals that officers of the Office of the Auditor General would be visiting some schools for performance audit.

Reacting to the directives, Mrs. Adekemi Olukowade, President of the All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools. (ANCOPSS), urged her colleagues to strictly adhere to AGILE instructions and regulations, emphasizing the importance of compliance in fulfilling the project’s objectives.

The Deputy Project Coordinator, Mr Toyin Osaleye in his closing remarks underscored AGILE’s commitment to fostering transparency, accountability, and effective project management among secondary school principals in Ekiti State, stressing the importance of integrity and adherence to guidelines of the initiative to enhance educational opportunities and empower adolescent girls in the state.

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