Ujilogun High School Celebrates Educational Renaissance with Agile Projects

In a quiet farm settlement, Ujilogun High School located at Ilupeju Ijan, emerges as a beacon of educational progress, following transformative initiatives led by the Ekiti State Government supported by the World Bank through the Adolescent Girls’ Initiative for Learning and Empowerment Projects of the Ministry of Education.

Amidst the rural landscape, the school witnessed a comprehensive overhaul, addressing longstanding infrastructural gaps. Critical areas, including classrooms, teachers’ offices, and the library, were refurbished and equipped to create a conducive learning environment.

The introduction of solar power not only dispelled darkness but symbolized a broader dawn of progress. The sustainable energy source has not only illuminated physical spaces but signifies a new era for the students at Ujilogun High School.

Modern teaching tools, such as smart board, photocopier machine, and printer, have revolutionized pedagogy, making lessons more engaging and accessible. The transition from traditional chalkboards to an interactive smart board has particularly enhanced subjects like ICT, biology, mathematics, basic science, physics and chemistry.

The impact of these improvements extends beyond the school’s walls, attracting a notable surge in enrollment. Neighboring private schools, including Matford Group of Schools, have redirected their students to Ujilogun High School, recognizing the appeal and quality of education facilitated by Agile projects.

Bankole, a mathematics teacher at the school, emphasized how Agile projects have made teaching more effective and enjoyable. The introduction of internet facilities has broken down communication barriers, allowing students and teachers to connect with the global community.

In a collective expression of gratitude, the teachers of Ujilogun High School extended their thanks to Agile and the Ekiti State Government. Their appreciation underscores the collaborative effort that has transformed a local school into a beacon of educational success.

The story of Ujilogun High School serves as an inspiring testament to the positive impact that strategic investments in education can have on even the most remote institutions. Agile projects have not only revitalized a school but have also ignited a spark of hope for a brighter future in rural education.

Written by
Titilayo Osatoyinbo
AGILE Communication Officer

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